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Green Goddess Smoothie

An introduction given by Coach Dean, diving into the benefits of our Green Goddess Smoothie:

"Hi, my name is Dean Ng, a wellness coach from The Affirmative People. I strongly believe that businesses can contribute to communities’ health. That is the reason why we are collaborating with Plateless to offer the Green Goddess, a nutritious vegetable smoothie.


The magic in a nutritious smoothie lies in the fiber: Fiber is important in removing waste and toxic from your body, regenerate and promote good healthy gut microbiome.

We once had a client that wanted to release excess weight and he wasn’t making progress as much as he should be. So we went to his house, and taught his helper how to make a green smoothie using a Thermomix. We realised that they had previously separated the fiber to feed the plants instead! (they were flourishing but he wasn’t). Once we added this fiber back to his drinks, he made much faster progress from there, it was amazing.


The magic lies in the fiber, whoever gets the fiber, gets the good stuff. So try The Green Goddess Smoothie from Plateless, it comes with all the magic, all the nutrients and none of the sugar and additives.


I hope you enjoy your smoothie, and I will see you around soon."

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The Facilitators Project x Plateless = The Magic of Sharing

The Facilitators Project x Plateless = The Magic of Sharing


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